23 January 2018

Houses for Downtown Kedelkalak

Using some city walls that Richard Phillips has in production, I plan to add the walled northern city of Kedelkalak to this year's vision of Andreivia. I'll be needing to add some buildings to its streets of course.

Over the weekend I had a dig through the map chest where I keep things that might be useful for terrain one day.  Having spent a day recently gluing together and cutting out boardgames components I suppose I was receptive to the idea of having a go at some flat-pack buildings I found therein.

First up is this low-profile shop I got free on the front cover of a model railway magazine I spotted on my weekly supermarket shop:

It's by Metcalfe Models and I have to say it was a joy to put together.  It came preprinted and die-stamped in heavy grade cardboard with clear plastic for the windows.  The instructions were comprehensive and very clear.

As you can see I added a suitably Andreivian name board in place of the English ones that came in the pack.

I also found some paper buildings I'd printed out years ago and filed away in the can't-be-bothered pile.  I made this one first:

As you can see it's actually more like 15mm scale but it may find a place somewhere in the crowded streets of the city.  It needs a bit of paint to disguise the white, cut edges.

The next building looks like it came from the same source as the above.  I blew it up to 133% of the original size using my scanner.

It's a peculiar little structure; all doors and windows but it will do.  Given the adverts on the sides it may see use in France for WW2 games too.

06 January 2018

Those Damned Cyclists!

The German cyclist jaegers are done at last!  Never again will I purchase any cycle-mounted figures from HaT.

They will hopefully provide some strategic mobility to the German forces advancing from their bridgehead south of Tcherbevan.

03 December 2017

Wish me luck, I'm going over the top...

Prior to last year's Crisis Point (our first exploring the history of Andreivia at the end of the Great War) I attempted to build a box of HaT soft plastic German cycle troops.

I still bear the emotional scars of the experience.  The figures come with separate arms that should in theory connect shoulders to handlebars but in fact are almost impossible for anyone with fewer than three hands to attach securely. In the end, pressed for time to get forces ready for the event, I gave them up as a bad job and returned them to their box.

However, I'm damned if I'll let them beat me again.  With a little more time to go at them surely they can't be that bad?  Can they?

More reports to come but, please, stay away if easily offended; I suspect bad language may ensue....

26 November 2017

The Dvimin Line - part 1

In late April 1918, as the Turks and their German allies drove north towards Tcherbevan, the Andreivian government threw much of its resources into strengthening the line of defences around the old garrison town of Dvimin.

The picture below shows one of the forts that the government hoped would blunt the enemy attacks.

23 November 2017

Crisis Point VII - It's a Date!

Crisis Point VII will take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018.

As usual the venue will be Dungworth Green Hall, Dungworth, near Sheffield.

Once more we will be exploring the events of 1918 in poor, war-torn Andreivia.  Look out for at least five invading armies for the Andreivian forces to contend with!

Cost for the weekend is £15.  Any surplus goes to charity.  Places are still available.

21 March 2017

Trenches part 6

A couple more lengths of trench added to my contribution.  I've added an obtuse angle and another junction to blow for a second communication trench to the rear.

Tonight I shall mostly be adding flock and static grass.